Fly Fishing Destinations around the World

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Fly Fishing

A lawyer currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Kai Lassen serves as partner and corporate security attorney with Alpine Global Partners, Ltd., where he focuses on sourcing capital and corporate record keeping as well as structured finance and leverages banking. When he is not working in his roles as a lawyer and executive, John Kai Lassen enjoys fly fishing in Belize and Africa.

Fly fishing is one of the most exciting ways to catch fish, and it is a hobby that can be pursued all over the world. According to Sport Fishing Magazine, here are some of the top fly fishing destinations:

1) Alphonse Island, The Seychelles: Located in the Indian Ocean, Alphonse Island is about 1,000 miles off the eastern coast of Africa and features a luxury resort that caters to fly fishing enthusiasts. Fly fishers can expect to see an array of exotic fish, including the milkfish and the giant trevally.

2) Ascension Bay, Mexico: Approximately 100 miles south of Cancun, Ascension Bay offers a vastly different experience than the popular tourist city, featuring mangrove estuaries full of snook and tarpon. Most fishing resorts are open year-round.

3) Exmouth, Western Australia: One of the best locations for fly fishers in Australia, Exmouth offers stretches such as the Ningaloo Lagoon, where fishermen can find queenfish, giant parrotfish, bonefish, and more.


Characteristics of Billfish

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Trained as an attorney at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, John Kai Lassen provides legal guidance to Alpine Global Partners, Ltd., as a partner and lawyer with the green energy development company. Away from his work as a lawyer, Kai Lassen enjoys competing in offshore billfish tournaments.

Billfish are a predatory group of fish that include sailfish, marlin, and spearfish. Within these three varieties of billfish, there are nine species, characterized by their torpedo-shaped bodies and sword-like bills, which they use to stun and slash their prey. Other commonalities among billfish are their stiff, crescent-shaped tails, two small keel fins near the tail, and long, narrow pelvic fins that resemble slivers.

Billfish are highly migratory and can be found worldwide in tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate waters. Extremely strong and fast swimmers, billfish eat almost anything, including their own species. When chasing prey, billfish flare their fins, exposing brilliant highlights and patterns in hues of iridescent blue, green, and purple.

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